Kathrina’s Story

Short Term Volunteers“As a third year in college, I was trying to find a field, an environment, a workforce, just anywhere that pertains to my interests, what I’d like to do in my future, and where I could feel like I belong. I didn’t know where to start, until the day I entered the wrong classroom on the right day. As curiosity struck over me, I sat down in the back of the room and heard CHI OC’s Volunteer Coordinator speak about Children’s Health Initiative of Orange County. The words “volunteer”, “children”, and “health” grabbed my attention. Three simple words that describe my passion and found in one organization encouraged me to get involved and start volunteering. You may ask, “Why would anyone volunteer,” and I can tell you the list of benefits are endless for both the giver and the receiver.

First off take a quick glance around; the world that we live in isn’t the most perfect place. In a world where struggles, fears, and challenges arise everyone and everything needs at least a little ounce of help. When an individual donates even a second or two of their time to a greater cause, they give another individual hope, a future, and another reason to live and love. I see volunteering as a way for me, as an individual, to give back to my community, satisfy my passion of making a difference in another’s life, make new friends and build connections, and grow in every aspect of life. And in all honesty, I can say volunteering at CHIOC has helped me do all this. The past six months I’ve spent in the office and at community events have allowed me to use and improve my computer skills, work on organizing the small details while not losing sight of the bigger picture, taught me to work under pressure, gave me a chance to apply classroom knowledge to reality, adapt and improvise in difficult situations and challenged me to use my time more efficiently. CHI OC gave me the opportunity to witness the behind-the-scenes dedication of running a program, the number of lives changed by guiding families through the health insurance process, the happiest smiles when a child found out they were getting free glasses so they can see, and the chance to be part of an interactive health care team.

Kathrina 2Indescribable moments like these can’t be found just anywhere. Indescribable moments, amazing experiences, and a group of wonderful mentors and role models make it even more difficult for me to leave and say my final goodbye.  This non-profit organization, Children’s Health Initiative of Orange County, profited my life in so many ways and for that I thank everyone who made my volunteer experience here nothing short of amazing.”


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