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Memo and Magda at Booth 2Outreach, Enrollment, Retention, and Utilization (OERU) Program

The OERU Program is the foundation of CHI OC’s unique care coordination model. This program fills a critical service gap by helping the county’s most vulnerable families’ access health care services. OERU ensures families get the most out of Federal, State County, non-profit and private programs.

  • Outreach is provided by our Certified Application Assistants (CAAs) at community events and at our many enrollment sites throughout the county. We offer families the opportunity to enroll into 18 health care and social services programs. Most of these families do not currently have access to, or lack the knowledge of how to access, health care and social services.
  • Enrollment processes are streamlined by filtering families’ applications through a web-based database called One-e-App (OEA). This system provides a single point of entry to screen families’ eligibility for government or locally sponsored programs. OEA then submits the families’ application to the appropriate program.
  • Retention of coverage and renewal of benefits is verified by our CAAs during their follow up with the families they’ve assisted. If the family hasn’t renewed their coverage our CAAs assist them with that process.
  • Utilization of the health care benefits the families now have access to is our end goal. Our CAAs verify that families receive approval of enrollment, confirm medical and dental appointments, renew their coverage every year, and understand the importance of preventive care.

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