Who are California’s Uninsured?

The California Healthcare Foundation’s annual Almanac Report provides data on those who are uninsured and their income levels, work status, age, and ethnicity.

While state-sponsored programs like Medi-Cal have helped reduce the number of children without health coverage, they have had little impact on California’s adult population. In fact, the number of adults in the state lacking health coverage is trending upward. Yet what’s remarkable is that a vast number of these adults are actually employed full time.

In theory, the coming Health Benefit Exchange will begin to address this problem. But many aren’t covered simply because of a lack of awareness. It’s estimated that nearly two-thirds of California’s uninsured children are eligible for a state-sponsored program, and more than half of them come from families where the head of household worked full-time during 2011.

Extensive outreach efforts will be needed going forward to connect California’s families to health coverage. The state already has plans to launch a $90 million marketing campaign aimed at newly-eligible

citizens. The working poor represent a large portion of this population. And with 1 in 4 workers and 1 in 7 children being uninsured, California will face its healthcare shortcomings for the foreseeable future.

For more detailed information on California’s employed but uninsured population, click on the infographic.











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