The Maison Family

The Maison Family

Maison FamilyRofias Maison came into Children’s Health Initiative of Orange County’s (CHI OC) site located at CHEC Family Resource Center in San Juan Capistrano. Mr. Maison’s four children, Putri (age 15), Sarah (age 10), Randy (age 7), and Soraya (age 4), did not have any health coverage. When Sarah fractured her wrist, Mr. Maison was unsure how he would pay for the medical care she needed. Fortunately, he was referred to a CHI OC representative by the SOC Family Resource Center.

Mr. Maison met with Maribel Hurtado in hopes of finding some affordable health coverage for Sarah and his other children. Using One-e-App to assess their eligibility, Maribel determined that although the Maison children could not all be put into the same program, all of them were eligible for health coverage. Upon enrollment, Sarah would be able to receive the medical care necessary in order to mend her fractured wrist.

Sarah’s situation could have been financially devastating for the Maison family. Instead, with the help of CHI OC, the Maison children are now all approved for health coverage. They can see a primary care physician to address health concerns like Sarah’s, or simply for schedule appointments for preventive care. Mr. Maison is very thankful that Sarah can be treated and that his children can now have routine check-ups. He finds comfort in knowing that they are covered for any health issues that may arise for them.

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