The Talero Family

The Talero Family

Laura Talero and her children came to one of Children’s Health Initiative of Orange County sites located at HOPE Clinic in Costa Mesa. Laura’s three children required the Tdap vaccine in order to register for school, however they were uninsured. Laura had no income and had had to move in with her parents because her husband had been missing for over a year and she feared the worst. Luckily, HOPE Clinic referred her to our representative, Magdalena Hurtado, who assisted Laura in finding health coverage for her children.

Using the One–e–App eligibility and application database, Magdalena informed Laura that in addition to being eligible for Medi–Cal for herself and her children, they also qualified for CalFresh (Food Stamps) and CalWORKs (Cash Aid), which would help them financially through this difficult time.

The same day, a social worker with the Orange County Social Services Agency called Laura to follow up with her applications. Laura was able to make an appointment for the following day. Laura explained to the social worker that her family had no income because her husband was missing. The social worker informed her that she would be approved immediately due to the urgency of her case. With the help of Children’s Health Initiative of Orange County, Laura was able to obtain health insurance and social services for herself and her family within two days. Laura no longer has to fear that her children will be unable to attend school, become ill or go hungry.

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