Success Stories

  • A 70 year old elderly man called CHIOC needing help for any free resources to help him get by. He has been injured and has not been able to work for some time now. He lives in a trailer park but may soon need to move out and may end up homeless. Unfortunately, he is undocumented and is not able to collect on Social Security benefits even though he has worked and filed taxes for all of his adult life. His source of income was collecting cans and recyclable items but due to COVID-19 he is forced to stay inside and unable to earn any income. CHIOC provided him with information to call 211, and referred to a local food bank, social security office, and legal aid services.
  • Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Public Charge was the main concern our community had. Now with COVID-19, we are seeing many layoffs, furloughed workers or reduction in work hours/pay. This specific client had Medi-Cal for her two children and even though, due to their household income, the children met Calfresh criteria, Concepcion did not want to apply for she was under the assumption that it would hurt her chances of one day becoming a Permanent Resident. At the time, they applied for Medi-Cal, Fernando tried to assure her it would not affect her status for the Calfresh since it was for her children and not for her, however, she still decided not to apply.  Weeks later, Fernando received a call from Concepcion stating that they drastically reduced her hours at work that now she does not care if she does not ever become a Permanent Resident.  In her words, “I don’t care about that anymore, I just need to feed my children.” Even though, it will not affect her, it’s really amazing and sad that as a parent, she is willing to abandon her dream of becoming a PR to just have assistance in providing food for her and her children.  Fernando went ahead and assisted her with not only Calfresh but CalWORKs as well.
  • CHIOC received a call from a client who needed assistance in getting health insurance. After talking with them more, I learned that this was the first time they ever had to seek out public health insurance outside of what their job or family would provide. They had recently lost their job and therefore health insurance due to COVID19 and the shelter in place order.  They recognized the importance of having health insurance especially at this time in their words “just in case.”  Danielle then was able to explain how we can help them and set an appointment for them over the phone that same day. She then explained to him the process of what it looks like to have both CalFresh and Medi-Cal. When both the application and information was done, the client thanked me for the help. I also referred them to the United Way relief fund as well.